Create direct investments and investment platforms.

Based on a shared set of values.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.


Strong partnerships start with people, from a talented and ambitious management team to a collaborative and diverse group of investors.


Our role is to support and to provide advice to help navigate different business situations and economic climates.


Skill and efficiency in completing transactions, implementing new initiatives and delivering on commitments sets the tone for a successful partnership.


Reputation is an umbrella, which is why our team is built on a foundation of integrity, respect and transparency.

“We believe the best approach to success is to support the management of our companies as partners and to work continuously alongside management to identify and create value through a variety of growth strategies, operational improvements and capital structure enhancements. Additionally, our strategy is not limited by traditional private equity time horizons, which enables Nextrue to maintain long term partnerships and greater capital flexibility.”

Canada, HQ

2197 Riverside DR #304, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3, Canada

Phone:(613) 260-7005